The Sudbury Play Day program is an opportunity for children ages 3-5* to spend one morning a week in a school community where children of all ages interact freely, choose their activities, and are treated with respect. It is an opportunity for parents to experience our community, see how the school operates, and gain an understanding of the Sudbury model of education.


Participation is limited to 7 children, each with a parent or guardian. The program is staffed by one or two Directors and one or more certified student volunteers. The program is loosely structured, with time shared between an indoor space with resources like trains, legos, books, costumes, blocks, art materials and other age-appropriate materials, as well as the school’s creative natural playscape. The playscape is a community-built adventure playground that features a tree house, multiple forts, a stage, ropes, a swing set, two sandboxes with a tree stump set slide, and a sand kitchen all set within the school’s woods. On occasion there will be special activities facilitated by Sudbury school students that branch into different parts of the school’s campus; for example a cooking project, gardening, sledding, art project, or music show. Participants will be given as much freedom to choose their activities as possible. Parents/guardians are asked to remain with their child. If a child shows interest in doing something outside of the program, a request can be made to the Play Day Directors.

The main indoor space will be reserved solely for Play Day participants, families, the Directors, and certified student volunteers. The outdoor space will be shared with Sudbury students of all ages, although Play Day participants will have priority access to the playground.

Play Day participants, parents and children alike, are subject to the rules, policies, and procedures of the school while on the campus.  At the beginning of each semester Play Day participants will work together to democratically decide on any additional rules governing Play Day. If a school law or Play Day law is violated, the Play Day Directors may handle the occurrence by conversation, mediation, or by using the school’s judiciary process. 

*Siblings of Hudson Valley Sudbury School students may request to join at a younger age.